Read Bart Le Blanc's commentary on the latest IMF World Economic Outlook: “Face Mask Economic”.


Not so long ago, the world economy was facing a gloomy outlook with slow growth, geo-political discord, international rivalry and social tensions in many advanced economies.


Bart Le Blanc's latest commentary on the IMF WEO elaborates the issue of the economy and demography.


A new fiscal stimulus to support growth MUST incorporate repairs of “collateral damage” of prolonged monetary easing and address longer term trends.


We are delighted to welcome our new colleague Stefaan Develder to our investment team.

After his studies, he took his first steps in the investment world in the field of equity derivatives and...


How to read the IMF’s 2nd Quarter World Economic Outlook in a world according to Donald Trump.

  • The IMF’s World Economic Outlook July Update sketches a listless picture for the world economy....


What a change: from euphoric reading one year ago with 75% of the world-economy looking forward to growth, to today’s IMF prediction of most of the world facing an economic slowdown and….


It is with great sadness that we were informed of the passing of Mr. Leo van Gansewinkel, shareholder and one of the initiators of the foundation of Andreas Capital.


Quantitative Easing: Saviour of the Economy and the Financial System, or Wrecker of Society? The world economy is slowing down, due in part to an unholy alliance between a late stage economic….