Good Debt, Bad Debt


Tears for Fears

Our story

Because the financial crisis had caused equity markets to correct substantially, a number of wealthy Dutch families got together in 2009 to take back control over their liquid - daily tradeable - assets. They were disappointed that banks and wealth managers had not been able to protect their investments during the crisis.

The families decided to found Andreas Capital as an asset manager for their investments in equities and bonds. They wanted people close to them to manage their wealth in an independent way, performing their own research, investing mainly directly in individual shares and bonds instead of costly products.

Andreas Capital started out as a private asset manager for these families, but as they are entrepreneurs they envisioned that many more families would have the same view and Andreas Capital could grow in assets. Now almost ten years down the line the client base has grown and the founding families are still owners and clients. Our clients’ interests are therefore fully aligned with ours and we run the company as a family owned enterprise: ‘From families for families’.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management means that we invest your assets on financial markets in a way that suits you. This is our passion and in our DNA. The need to take control in own hands and make independent choices has been at the heart of the creation of Andreas Capital. No one-size-fits-all approach, but room for your wishes in your personal mandate.

We offer the following Wealth Management services:

  •  Discretionary Portfolio Management
  •  Investment Advisory

We translate your wishes into our way of investing and make use of:

  •  you own unique investment profile
  •  individual shares and bonds
  •  dynamic asset allocation
  •  promising worldwide themes
  •  the best custodian banks
  •  our extensive knowledge and experience
  •  our independent position so that we do not have to use banking products


We use our knowledge, experience and personal attention to give you the comfort of having your assets in good hands with us. At Andreas Capital we leave nothing to chance and our choices and your return are a logical consequence of applying our investment convictions in your portfolio.

Andreas Capital

Wealth management for future generations
From families to families

Family Office Services

We believe that the foundation of long-term relationships is based on an actual interest in people. We want to know what your motives are. As soon as we understand what drives you in daily life, we can coordinate with you in which areas we can unburden you by offering our family office services. So that you can fully focus on what you want to be involved with.

We offer the following family office services:

  •  complete securities administration
  •  consolidated reporting of all your assets
  •  advice on your strategic asset allocation
  •  selecting your asset managers
  •  monitoring your asset managers
  •  a 'second opinion' about offered investment opportunities
  •  guidance on structuring your assets
  •  drawing up a family statute and / or investment statute
  •  assistance with direct investments such as Private Equity, Real Estate and Direct Lending


We unburden and support you wherever you lack a combination of time, knowledge, network and interest. We ensure that your assets always receive the right attention and are retained for future generations.

Andreas Capital

Wealth management for future generations
From families to families

Investing with conviction

At Andreas Capital we invest with conviction and we would like to share our beliefs with you. They guard the way we work and how we put your interest first.

Taking investment risks will be rewarded
Taking risks is necessary to generate returns. At Andreas Capital we believe that taking calculated risks will generate a fitting return. Even if we select passive instruments like ETF’s, we make an active choice. Our added value lies in selecting the best investments and actively manage the risks in your portfolio by shifting from equities to bonds and vice versa.

Invest for the longer term
Long term investors have more investment possiblities and better chances on a high return. At Andreas Capital you will find long term investors who will not be distracted by daily issues, but focus on the real economic value of your investments driven by the free cash-flow they generate. We believe that this value will ultimately be reflected in the market valuation.

Diversification adds value
Diversifying over different asset classes and multiple positions, decreases the risk of investing. At Andreas Capital we tap as many different and differentiating sources of return and combine them in your portfolio. In the long run these sources will deliver their returns in different periods and in different ways. This will stabilise the value of your portfolio over time and thus decreases overall volatility.

Social Responsible Investing is not a choice
The possibility to positively influence the world where our (grand) children grow up is so evident, that we do not even regard this as a choice. Per sector we select those companies that have the highest contribution to the goals that have been written down in the Global Compact of the United Nations.

The power of simplicity
We believe in the power of simplicity and in principle individual equities and bonds are not complex instruments. This makes risks, returns and costs much more transparant than with complex instruments. Given the choice we will always choose simple solutions in order to avoid unnecessary costs and intransparancy.

It pays off to be the first mover
Investors that are among the first to invest in new asset classes or investment themes get the highest risk-reward ratio. This ratio tends to decrease when more investors adopt the same asset classes or themes in their portfolios. At Andreas Capital we are always searching for unique, innovative en thematic investment opportunities to generate extra returns.

Ownership enhances long term returns
Companies where management and ownership are well aligned, deliver the highest financial results and are focused on the longer term. This quality is applied by Andreas Capital when it comes to selecting individual equities and bonds, but also when we select investment funds. Alignment of interest is at the heart of Andreas Capital as the shareholders of our firm are also clients from the first hour.

Cost awareness equals extra return
Costs are inevitable, but if they do not create an opportunity for extra return it is better to avoid them. Andreas Capital is convinced that making active choices add value. That is why we predominantly invest in individual equities and bonds. To a lesser extent we also invest in actively managed funds. If however we believe that in particular markets it is hard to add value for active managers, we use passive instruments to minimalise costs.

Discipline is a condition for repetitive success
Selecting the right investments has nothing to do with luck or coincidence. It is the result of a disciplined way of working with talented people and automated processes. At Andreas Capital we leave nothing to chance so that our choices and your return are a logical result of applying our investment beliefs in your investment portfolio.

Why Andreas Capital

Good performance since foundation and continuously on the lookout for different forms of revenue

Alignment of interest with founders


  •  Not product-bound
  •  No external pressure like a stock exchange listing
  •  Focus on clients

Economies of scale and access to institutional expertise and network

Stable and highly qualified team and acces to our International Advisory Board (see Our Team)

Our team

Sjoerd Simons

Sjoerd Simons (1972 - Chief Executive Officer) graduated in tax law at the University of Maastricht in 1996. He started his career as tax advisor with PwC and specialised in (international) tax issues related to wealthy families and wealth structuring. After having worked for 11 years as tax advisor (of which the last 3 years with EY), Sjoerd decided in 2006 to move to the financial sector to become Director Client Relations with Fortis MeesPierson. In 2009 he joined ING Wealth Management, initially as Financial Engineer (in particular active in the field of real estate financing) and later as Wealth Manager. Then, in 2012 Sjoerd chose as Vice President-Senior Client Advisor to contribute to the development of the new Wealth Management activities of Deutsche Bank in The Netherlands. In November 2017, Sjoerd joined Andreas Capital as Chief Commercial Officer becoming responsible for client relationship management and the commercial policy. From January 2018 he has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Andreas Capital.

Hans van Summeren

Hans van Summeren (1972 - Chief Investment Officer) started his career in Germany as government bond trader and subsequently as institutional portfolio manager in the asset management departments of the predecessors of Bank InsingerGilissen and the Bank of Montreal. In that capacity he managed until 2006 institutional mandates as well as listed investment funds with focus on international convertible bonds. Since his move to Van Lanschot Bank in 2006 Hans has used his knowledge and experience as investment specialist for the benefit of private clients. Thereafter as Product Manager Hans co-designed the investment policy at Van Lanschot’s Investment Office to become afterwards Regional Director supervising a team of 10 asset management specialists. Then, in 2014 Hans chose as Investment Manager to contribute to the growth and development of the Wealth Management activities of Deutsche Bank in The Netherlands. As of November 2017, Hans is Chief Investment Officer with Andreas Capital and is responsible for the investment policy and the asset management team.

Ramon Hyndycz

Ramon Hyndycz (1982 – Operations Officer) started his banking career in 2007 at ABN AMRO. From 2008 he worked at ING in various roles within Private Banking and Wealth Management. Inter alia, he contributed in major change projects and serviced the international UHNWI clientele in their daily banking needs. In 2016 he joined Deutsche Bank as Assistant Vice President to support in further building their Wealth Management activities in The Netherlands. Ramon has joined Andreas Capital in April 2018 in the role of Operations Officer and is responsible for process optimization, compliance and IT.

Robbie van de Wijnckel

Robbie van de Wijnckel (1980 - Senior Asset Manager) graduated in 2005 as MSc in Economics at the University of Tilburg, The Netherlands. He started his career as investment advisor for the private market at Fortis Bank Nederland. In 2009 he switched to Van Lanschot Bankiers to work as Fixed Income Analyst. In this role he closely followed the European corporate and government bond market. In 2012 Robbie decided to move to Luxembourg. As Senior Portfolio Manager with asset managers 2PM Luxembourg, he was responsible for the investment policy. In December 2017 he joined Andreas Capital where he fulfills the role as Senior Asset Manager. Robbie is a Chartered Financial Analyst of the CFA Institute since 2017.

Jos Rotteveel

Jos Rotteveel started his career in the financial sector in 1974 as a trainee at AMRO Bank N.V. and held various positions in the investment domain up to 2001. His last post was as Senior Investment Adviser. In 2001 he joined Suxeskey, which later merged with Andreas Capital, where he currently works as Senior Relationship Manager.

Bart Le Blanc

Bart Le Blanc ( Co-founder of Andreas Capital and member of its International Advisory Panel) studied economics at Tilburg University and obtained a PhD in Law at Leiden University. He started his career in government (Office of the Prime Minister) and in 1980 became Director-General of the Budget at the Ministry of Finance. In 1983, Bart moved to the financial sector taking up a Board position at F. van Lanschot Bankiers. In 1991 he became the First Secretary-General of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London and, later Vice President of the EBRD. In 1997, he joined La Caisse des Dépôts in Paris as Director of International Finance. Between 2004 and 2011 he was the Group CFO of URENCO Ltd. in Great Britain. In addition to his work for Andreas Capital, he currently serves as Chairman of the Board of APG (over EUR 450 billion in pension assets under management) and is Chairman of the Investment Committee of the United Nations Operations (UNOPS).

Rob van Oostveen

Rob van Oostveen (1971 - member international advisory board) is CEO and CIO of the Janivo, a Dutch family office. Before joining Janivo, Rob spent eight years at Van Lanschot, one of the three largest Dutch private banks. In several roles as a Managing Director, he has been responsible for the Investment Office of the bank, its Belgian branch and its Corporate Banking division. From 1998 till 2008, Rob worked at ABN AMRO Asset Management in several roles. Rob is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has post-doctoral degrees in management (MBA INSEAD) and financial planning.

Yvo Boon

Yvo Boon (1974 - member of the international advisory board) is CEO of CZ Fund Management BV, the asset manager of health insurer CZ. He is a highly experienced and developed pension and investment specialist who is well able to manage investment portfolios. He has done this at CenE Bankiers and Van Lanschot, among others. He has followed various internal and external investment courses, including the VBA course for Registered Investment Analyst (RBA). He recently obtained his EFFAS Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA®) diploma and has extensive experience with ESG investment projects, also due to his active role in the ICSR agreement of the insurance sector. He is a member of the Association of Internal Supervisors of the Pension Sector (VITP) and, in addition to his work for Andreas Capital, fulfills an visitation function at two pension funds through the Pension Fund Visitation Committee. He is also a member of the accountability body of the SBZ Pensioenfonds.

Sabine Cloodt-Beckers

Sabine Cloodt-Beckers worked at the Central Bureau of Statistics of The Netherlands in 1985. From 1986 she was Management Assistant for the Executive Board of ABP (the Dutch General Pension Fund for public employees). In October 1999, she became Office Manager of Suxeskey, which later merged with Andreas Capital.