Emmanuel Macron is my hero

What a change: from euphoric reading one year ago with 75% of the world-economy looking forward to growth, to today’s IMF prediction of most of the world facing an economic slowdown and darker clouds ahead!

  • The new IMF Chief Economist Gita Gopinath is uncommonly straightforward in her commentary directed at the world’s policy makers: address in a cooperative way the big issues such as climate change, international trade and fiscal imbalances or else fear far worse.
  • She also calls for more multi-lateral cooperation on these big topics, however many of today’s political players do not look to be very attracted by the calls for multilateralism.
  • Emmanuel Macron’s “Grand Débat National” seems to have inspired IMF’s call for a “social dialogue on inequality and social discord”.
  • It is a courageous initiative and Macron is my hero!
  • Much of the Brexit chaos in the UK could have been avoided if some form of grand debate would have been undertaken instead of the current narrow party-political bias.
  • However major economic and political events do not always have the predicted impact on financial markets, particularly not in times of “easy money”.
  • As long as monetary policies across the developed world remain accommodating (as is currently expected, in contrast to some months ago), risk assets may continue to flourish.
  • But after a good start of the year, investors could still head for the hills of May (and come back in September?).

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